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Keynote Speaker. Serial Entrepreneur.
Author. Copywriter Extraordinaire


Who is Kenneth Yu?

Kenneth Yu is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, and serial entrepreneur.

Who is Kenneth Yu?

Kenneth Yu is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, and serial entrepreneur.

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Qualified, Sought-After Keynote Speaker

A popular speaker at prestigious conferences like the Prime Minister’s Department’s Tech Talk 2015, iProperty Expo, Malaysia Media Congress, and BFM Breakaway, as well as numerous ones internationally. He has also shared the stage with Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Linkedin. He has personally trained companies like BMW, Nokia, Huawei, Heineken, GroupM and many others.

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International thought leader

Kenneth Yu is an international thought leader in the realm of digital marketing – possessing 59,039 Twitter followers, featured on 1023 Twitter lists, and enjoying 513 endorsements on LinkedIn. He was the Copy Chief and Marketing Strategist for 6-time Worldblu’s Most Democratic Workplace Award winner Mindvalley, and a copywriting top gun at Ogilvy and Mather, winning 12 advertising awards in a span of 3 years.

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The Digital Renaissance Man

Kenneth Yu is renowned for creating lucrative web marketing campaigns for a range of multi-billion dollar industries. Founder and CEO of SpurPress, a full-service end-to-end boutique marketing agency & consultancy, this 'Sherlock Holmes of Marketing' has solved marketing mysteries for more than 352 clients from over a dozen countries, including McDonald’s, Fujitsu, Maxis, DiGi, OCBC, the Star and other Fortune 500 giants.

The Face of
Digital Marketing
in Asia

Kenneth’s mantra is
“Applying psychology to applied technology”.

It's a rally cry that displays his passion for combining old school persuasion with cutting edge technology for exponential results.

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It’s time to Quit the Rain Dance!

Are you a marketer or business owner that’s confused with digital marketing? Are you looking for a surefire system to consistently create internet campaigns that produces breakthrough results and unprecedented sales? With dozens of real life case studies and testimonials, Quit the Rain Dance reveals the ultimate step-by-step blueprint on creating digital marketing campaigns that work -- quickly, easily and predictably.

Most of us treat our marketing efforts like the tribes of old. Just as they sow seed and offer dances before the gods so that their crops can grow, we throw our online marketing out there in the hope that we magically get results. More often than not, it usually leads to miserable failure. It’s time to Quit the Rain Dance!

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REVIEWS from past graduates

  • “Kenneth Yu is a bona-fide Twitter genius. His SPARKS Theory alone can quadruple your results.”

    ~ MARK JOYNER, Godfather of the Internet, Integration Marketing
  • “Not only is Kenneth a gifted copywriter, he has become a great friend and trusted marketing celebrity on Twitter. He is a gifted guy, always willing to help everyone from rank newbies to us ‘so-called’ pros. I always take time to read everything he writes. His angles are sharp and his headlines grabbing. Watch as this star rises in the IM world.”

  • “Ken’s brilliance won’t just help you to Tweet with conviction, passion and authority. His information packed revelations will change the way you communicate with your prospects forever. Slay the dragon of conformity and stand out from the crowd.”

  • “If you want to get to the heart of your niche, he’s not called The Puppet Master for nothing! Kenneth’s keen understanding of using Twitter to penetrate the defenses of the human mind has helped me add 100 new targeted followers in the last week alone – and that was just Module ONE! These aren’t just random followers; prospects in my niche that are reaching out to me because they want to do business with me. Plus, did I mention several new JV opportunities that NEVER would have happened at this speed any other way?
    “I say over and over again that people want to do business with those they know, like and trust. The Twitter Salvation System makes that possible at lightning speed. It is a serious business building arsenal – and it’s not for everyone. Only people that want to connect, give value and grow their business like crazy need apply.”

    ~ Lisa Robbin Young, Home Party Expert
  • “At MindValley, Kenneth Yu quickly rose to become the #1 marketer and he played a HUGE role in helping MindValley grow by over 100% in 2008.”

    ~ Mike Reining, Founder of MindValley
  • “Kenneth Yu has succeeded in classic direct marketing and the new media. A rare bird nowadays, when too many people suffer by being specialists without knowing the big picture. Impressive.”

    ~ Drayton Bird, CIM’s Top 50 Most Influential Marketer and Founder of Ogilvy Direct